mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Today PJBug (Paris JBoss User Group)

I was tonight present at PJBug in order to attend 2 presentations.
First one was about JBoss product roadmap made by Sacha Labourey, Jboss technical director. Nothing really new here, but always interresting to hear people who are inside...
The seconde (short as Sacha like to speak a lot :-) ) was a presentation about the use of JBoss in DHL France. As often came the time I asked : When you say you are using JBoss... what services do you mean ? .... and as often : Only the servlet part, no ejb at all (and probably no much more anyway - problably just jsp --> jdbc database readonly access, arghh..) !
- Why so many people bother installing and learning a full j2ee stack, as JBoss provide, when they just need Tomcat or Jetty ? It always amaze me (ok people doing it with Weblogic or Websphere amaze me 100 times more...).
More over, it really appears there are still very few application using the ejb container part (ok, I don't consider stateful session bean with no transaction beeing an ejb development...).
...Maybe I will take time to prepare a presentation about what we do at Finance active one day just to show a real JBOSS J2EE application with full J2EE stack exist and work !

2 commentaires:

Alexis MP a dit…

Yes, it's hard to believe how EJBs and other services were ruled-out for a transactional business application.
But with GlassFish we also have deployments with only the web tier @ work, but they benefit from better admin tools (UI, CLI, JMX, ...) and better performance (nio Grizzly front-end) than Tomcat (and probably Jetty).

Anonyme a dit…

Regarding the EJB, I have two comments :
1) The learning curve for implementing an application with only JSP and JDBC is more rapid for beginners in this technology.
( i.e implementing EJB means the availability of experienced people)
2) Various technology exists for implementing the Object-Relational mapping ( Hibernate, JDO , EJB3 ). Who can ascertain that EJB will be the standard ?