jeudi 22 mars 2007

I attended a few sessions at Sun TechDays Paris on last Thursday and Wednesday.
On Thursday, I saw an Ajax presentation where I could see jMaki in action. I really like the idea to be able to use all those powerful ajax library without handling those terrible javascript stuffs. I was impressed by the bus concept : one ajax component that could work together with an other one (the example was with fisheye and yahoo map).

On Wendsday some guys from OSSGTP were presenting their projects(open source, of course).

Stéfane Fermigier
talked about nuxeo (an ECM), and why the moved from python to java. The technology behind is really impressive : seam, ejb3, jboss, Ajax interface, jackrabitt, lucente... while I didn't really understand how I could take avantage of such a nice piece of software at the moment, the light came later...

Vincent Massol talked about xwiki, which was one of my main reason to be there as I wanted to understand if it would be a viable solution for our public web site ( (Seems like "yes"!).

The most impressive presentation was surly made by Benjamin Mestrallet , about exo plateform. A lot of Ajax every where and an awesome desktop mode (webOS). Here we are far away from the last time I used a portal (apache JetSpeed). They are also developing an ECM solution.

After the conference, I went to the nuxeo pavilion for a little demo... I was impressed. I immediately saw it can provide me something I was looking for a few months already : a way to manage Specification documentation efficiently. By the way I would put any project documentation as the rights management solve most of my concerns.

I tried it today. Very easy to install, but very little documentation about setup (changing database for example, but as this is jboss, I should easily work this around) or customizing . I met a few bugs, but it seem stable enough for my need.

I found another very similar opensource software very similar : alfresco, but seem more mature. I will try it tomorrow before make up my mind.

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Stéfane a dit…

Hi Nicolas,

glad to learn that you enjoyed the presentation, and the demo afterwards.

Regarding "advanced" setup documentation (e.g. using another DB than the embedded HSQL, setting up LDAP accounts, etc.), we will make documentation available next week. Is that ok for you ?

Meanwhile, you can join the mailing list. We would be very happy to welcome you on board and provide you with the information you need to get started (if it's not already on


S. Fermigier - Nuxeo

Stéfane a dit…

Wrong URL for the mailing list in my previous comment.

Please use this one instead:


Guillaume a dit…

Hey, you didn't mention my Groovy slides! :-)