mercredi 28 mars 2007

Strange point of view in the .net community...

Some people have very strange ideas : says :

J2EE is dying, competition doesn’t means innovation everytime but, digging its own tomb

March 27th, 2007

Competition means Innovation but Java is dying because of the amount of frameworks that are available. I wonder if someone is smart enough to understand and follow the amount of MVC frameworks, Design patterns or Object Relational Mapping tools that are available?

We can try to calculate the combinations of solutions (I don’t try to be exhaustive):

Web application frameworks: Apache Tapestry, Backbase, Bindows, DOJO, Eclipse RAP, Echo2, GWT, JFaces, Java Server Faces, JaverServer Pages, JavaServer Type Libraries, Struts, WebWork… (13)
Application frameworks: Spring, EJB3, Guice, Pico, Rico… (5)
Data access frameworks: Apache OJB, Cayenne, DBC, iBatis, JDBC, Hibernate, JDO, JPA, Oracle Toplink… (9)

Which means something like 13 * 5 * 9 combinations; I let you to make the calculation!

Dear developers and architects, when will you stop thinking that your framework is better than the others and create your own one ? Could you participate to already existing ones instead?

My answer :

Do you really think that having a lot of (good) choice means that a technology is dying ? That’s a very strange point of view… Do you think there is only one solution to a problem, that every similar problem has the exact same solution ?
I am happy to be in the java world where innovation is going so fast, where frustrations are often solved by new solutions…

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jep a dit…

Hi Nicolas, Backbase is only a client-side Ajax framework, and on the server-side we work on top of JSF, JSP, Struts and many other frameworks. However, I agree with you that it's sometimes overwhelming to see how many Java frameworks are out there. Compared to the Microsoft world there is sometimes too much choice.

Abdelkrim a dit…

Nicolas, you didn't understand me. Maybe I wasn't clear. My question is how could you learn so many frameworks and knows what is the ONE that can be applied to solver your problem?

How many people knows deeply Spring + Web Services Specifications + JSF + Hibernate + BPEL?

If you know him, please send me his CV because I need him on my projects.

Kind regards,